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A Buck and a Puck

Lulu loves to play hockey…but can a Buck play hockey? Join Lulu as she learns an empowering life lesson from this Buck. Sometimes choosing kindness shows how strong we really are. A Buck and a Puck is Empowering and Fun!!! 

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Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

Luluuuu…The sun is up, it’s a new day, I
wonder what magic is coming our way?
Lulu is about to have an incredible day….
she just doesn’t know it yet.
Lulu is learning to look at some of life’s
challenges from a bigger picture, a different
point of view. This changes what she sees,
and that changes the way she feels.
Perspective is very powerful.
Fun! Fun! Fun!

Coming soon – author JLW’s third book in the Nature Nurtures Storybook Series
“My Fine Feathers”


Jennifer’s love and appreciation for “aha”moments in her life has inspired her to write children’s stories that celebrate growth and enlightenment. Whether she is on her farm, at home, or exploring nature, teachable moments find their way to her. Young and old, teachable moments help us thrive and flourish, whether they come from our children, parents, friends, or even our pets.
Nature is proof that magic surrounds us.


Magical Event at the Royal Ontario Museum

Watch the entire reading of Hawk Eyes